Well-functioning logistics processes are the backbone of production and trade. However, a look at many warehouses regularly reveals a high level of waste, cumbersome processes, low productivity and quality problems. This applies both to purely manually managed warehouses and to warehouses with partial and full automation. Logistics consulting is offered by many companies these days, but the results are often disappointing.

Often, great potential can be tapped without costly investment. However, when investment becomes necessary, the achievable productivity and quality gains, as well as the risks and costs, must first be understood. It is not uncommon for investments of several million euros to result in neither a noticeable increase in productivity nor significantly lower operating costs. The reason for this is that the investments in automation are not scrutinized and the achievable productivity gains are not properly analyzed. This is where we can support you. We show you which technology can be used most effectively for which purpose in your system, how it fits into an overall concept, where it can be sourced from and how the associated processes need to be designed. Together with you, we develop integrated and productive overall concepts that meet your requirements and ensure high employee productivity, ergonomics and overall efficiency.

We offer logistics consulting

Analysis of your logistics requirements

Conceptual design and system selection

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AutoStore Consulting

AutoStore is the world’s most successful system for storage and goods-to-man picking of small parts. We offer you comprehensive consulting and analysis services for AutoStore systems before planning, during planning and during operation. Learn more .

Intralogistics Health Check-up ™: Warehouse Audits

If you want to get a quick and cost-effective assessment of the condition of your intralogistics, we offer you the Intralogistics Health Check-up ™. A check-up includes a warehouse walk-through, a visual inspection, a consultation, and a final meeting to discuss impressions and results, and is fully completed within one day and at a fixed price. Further analysis can follow if needed and requested. Think of our Intralogistics Health Check-up ™ as a comprehensive standardized complete check-up with your family doctor. In addition, this also makes it possible to determine whether automation of logistics processes can be economical or whether it is worth carrying out further analyses. Learn more.

Experts in eGrocery

We are experts in warehouse logistics. This enables us to work successfully in various industries. However, one of our specialties is food retail logistics. That is, food wholesalers, food retailers and especially the fast-growing online grocery industry where we have worked with some of the most renowned and successful companies in Europe.

Our approach is to work with you to define your requirements, provide an overview of possible solutions, and create transparency around the expected productivity benefits. It is important that you have a concrete and reliable database for your project. Without it, you will lack the most important arguments in discussions with management and the board.

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Job descriptions for logistics

We have been creating and selling job descriptions for more than three decades. In logistics, too, it is regularly shown that employee satisfaction and the quality of work results benefit greatly from clear job descriptions. If you are looking for job descriptions specifically for logistics, we can recommend the following job descriptions in our online store: