Often our customers have highly qualified employees who can contribute significantly to the improvement of existing processes and concepts based on their experience. It is therefore not uncommon for providers of automated logistics solutions to be contacted at an early stage of the project. Nearly every vendor on the market has particular strengths in this regard – and nearly every vendor will consider its strengths and particular solutions to be especially suited to solving a given problem. As a result, the customer is often confronted with completely different solution concepts, which the respective provider touts as having no alternative with convincing arguments and underscored by a large number of references.

Even companies that are able to create an RFP on their own (i.e. without external consultants) and place it on the market therefore benefit from an objective second opinion from an experienced consultant who can see through the vendors’ styled slides and marketing material and evaluate the concepts technically. This selective consultation is not easy, since the entire context and planning fundamentals must be considered and understood for concept evaluation.

Our mission is to help you ask the right questions and support you in evaluating and selecting the right logistics concept.