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Logistikkpodden Episode 43 (Image Credit: Lager & Industrisystemer, Vinterbro, Norway)

Another guest appearance on the LIS podcast

After being invited to the Logistikkpodden as a guest for the first time last year, I recently had the pleasure of meeting Sue Kristiansen and Børge Østnes from Lager & Industrisystemer (LIS) for the second time. This time we mainly talked about questions that listeners asked after the last episode. Among other things, we talked about the progress of warehouse automation in industrial companies compared to other companies, the role of the price of electricity in the choice of automation technology, “green logistics”, small parts picking with robots and picking support from AGVs.

Many thanks to Sue and Børge for the invitation and the nice conversation!

The episode is available on Spotify and everywhere else where podcasts are available. The language is English (only the intro is in Norwegian). This is the link to the podcast on the LIS website (with video):, below you can play the episode via Spotify (without video).