Both in our work with job descriptions and management consulting as well as in our logistics consulting, our clients come from a variety of different industries and vary in size and maturity, from start-ups to family-owned technology leaders to large corporations. We are proud to contribute to the success of our customers.

For our well over 1,000 customers for job descriptions and organizational consulting, we refrain from naming names because the use of job descriptions always allows conclusions to be drawn about internal organization, HR and organizational structure. Our clients for job descriptions include sheltered workshops, medium-sized as well as publicly traded mechanical engineering companies, engineering service providers, high-tech companies, public administration, hospitals and large and small trading companies of various segments.

For our logistics consulting services, we list below a small selection of companies with which we have worked successfully, representing different segments and company sizes. The work we have done with the customers listed below include the extensive data analysis for logistics system planning, consulting in system planning and design, in-house seminars and trainings (e.g. for data analysis, planning of automated systems and sales of logistics systems), the support of tender processes, the support of supplier selection and the examination of logistics concepts prior to bid submission. In addition, we have advised large investment companies prior to investment decisions in warehouse automation companies and support larger consulting companies in their customer projects in warehouse planning and automation.

REWE Group

REWE Group is one of Europe’s largest trading groups and is best known to most consumers for its REWE supermarkets and the associated Penny discount chain. REWE Group is also the only German retail group that recognized the potential and value of online grocery trading early on and has consistently driven it forward, making REWE the leading online supermarket in Germany. REWE uses a range of different fulfillment concepts, from highly automated warehouses to partially automated and manually operated warehouses to in-store fulfillment.

Geis Group is a medium-sized, family-run logistics service provider with annual sales in excess of 1 billion euros. Geis successfully handles warehousing and fulfillment for a large number of high-profile companies and is active in several European countries.

Geis Group

Oda is a start-up in the online supermarket segment from Norway. The company started in Norway under the name and changed its name to the more internationally manageable Oda as it expanded into Finland and Germany. Oda is known as the online supermarket with the highest productivity (in units per man hour) in the world.

Picnic is another online supermarket and originated in the Netherlands. The company has expanded rapidly and is now also active in France and Germany. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has invested €600 million in the company in 2021, giving the young company more extensive funding than most globally known Silicon Valley startups. For those familiar with Picnic, the Gates Foundation’s decision comes as no surprise, as the capabilities this company demonstrates are second to none.


Gebhardt Group is a family-run, internationally successful warehouse automation company based in Sinsheim, Germany. Gebhardt Group has a comprehensive product portfolio for large and small load carriers and is known for providing comprehensive advice to its customers and building customized solutions.

stow Group is a warehouse equipment supplier headquartered in Belgium and is one of Europe’s leading companies in warehouse racking. For some years now, the stow Group has also been increasingly active in warehouse automation with its subsidiary stow Robotics and offers its customers modern solutions with AGVs from the iFollow brand and the e.scala small parts storage and picking system.


Pickr.Ai is a promising start-up from Norway that offers its customers solutions for robotic picking of small parts. The company focuses primarily on lean solutions and integrates the robots into systems with low investment requirements, such as zone picking, vertical lift storage or autonomous picking cells.

Numerous other companies belong to our customer base and we would be pleased to work with you as well. Contact us for a non-binding initial consultation!