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Logistikkpodden Episode 32 (Image Credit: Lager & Industrisystemer, Vinterbro, Norway)

Guest Appearance on Podcast Logistikkpodden by LIS

Norwegian logistics equipment supplier Lager & Industrisystemer (LIS, in German Lager- und Industriesysteme) runs a podcast called Logistikkpodden – Norway’s first (and probably still only) podcast dedicated to warehouse logistics. In the past, representatives from well-known companies have been guests, e.g. Ikea, Nille, Oda (formerly, Bring and BliVakker…. Earlier this year, I was invited to be a guest on the podcast. Since I did not have time to travel to Oslo, we had the conversation on Zoom.

Here is the link to episode 32 with video on the pages of LIS (English with Norwegian subtitle):

Logistikkpodden is available on Spotify (see below, but no video there), Apple Podcasts and the other usual podcast platforms.