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Recent Publications

Occasionally, we publish technical articles online. Here is a selection.

  • Goods-to-Robot Picking: What’s the Catch?
    Almost every time I talk to customers about large goods-to-person systems, the conversation eventually turns to robotic picking. So I thought I should summarize some of the key challenges of integrating robots into picking systems. And this time, I made a video out of it as well. You can find the transcript of the video […]
  • On Using Totes vs. Original Cartons in Zone Picking Systems with Flow Racks
    When I talk to customers about zone picking systems, we often come to the question of whether they should fill their flow racks in the zone picking system with the products’ original cartons or with standardized plastic totes. There are good arguments for both, but I have the feeling that the arguments for using totes […]
  • Guest Appearance on Podcast Logistikkpodden by LIS
    Norwegian logistics equipment supplier Lager & Industrisystemer (LIS, in German Lager- und Industriesysteme) runs a podcast called Logistikkpodden – Norway’s first (and probably still only) podcast dedicated to warehouse logistics. In the past, representatives from well-known companies have been guests, e.g. Ikea, Nille, Oda (formerly, Bring and BliVakker…. Earlier this year, I was invited […]
  • Cube Storage Systems: Market Overview & Comparison
    Inspired by the success of AutoStore, a number of entrepreneurs and established vendors have developed their own variations of cube storage systems. In another article, I compared AutoStore to its competitor Jungheinrich PowerCube. At this point, AutoStore probably doesn’t have any serious competition in the cube storage space. While the AutoStore system isn’t “perfect” (with […]
  • Remote Work and the Underrated Concept of Organizational Culture
    Let us start with the conclusion: One of the primary responsibilities of executives is to shape and maintain the organizational culture. If they do not recognize this responsibility and act accordingly, the organization will fail. Permanently allowing full-time remote work makes it difficult, if not impossible, to build a healthy organizational culture. It was therefore […]
  • Warehouse Automation for 3PLs
    Why Adoption is Slower Than you Might Expect Introduction We are moving more goods from warehouses to consumers than ever before. And the more e-com replaces brick-and-mortar, physical commerce, the more business is done in warehouses. Accordingly, logistics service providers (LSPs, or third-party logistics providers, 3PLs), which operate warehouses on behalf of retailers, have enjoyed […]
  • The Reasons we Automate Slow-movers First
    There is a fundamental principle in warehouse automation. And yet, it seems to be poorly understood by many professionals, including logistics engineers, whose job it is to design automated warehouses. The principle is that you should generally aim to automate slow-moving products, not fast-moving products. This is true for most concepts, although there are exceptions. […]
  • Short Dictionary of Logistics Illiteracy
    A Collection of Nonsense Terms and Concepts In the world of logistics, there are a lot of terms and concepts that are completely useless, yet seem to be ubiquitous. You find them at conferences, in the news, in student papers, on corporate websites… And it would be good to put an end to some of […]
  • ABC Analysis with a Twist: Using the Gini Coefficient for Interpretation
    Most people in logistics know about Pareto charts and ABC analysis. Some people in logistics know how to read a Pareto chart and how to derive conclusions for the planning of a logistics system (automated or manual). Very few people, however, including most senior planning engineers, know how to compare different Pareto charts and how to characterize […]
  • Review of Jungheinrich PowerCube and Comparison with AutoStore
    Jungheinrich officially unveiled its PowerCube goods-to-person (GtP) order picking system at Logimat 2022 in Stuttgart. This makes Jungheinrich – an established brand name in warehouse equipment – the latest member of the ever-growing group of goods-to-person order picking solution providers. The launch caught the attention of all competitors, not least because at first glance the […]