Online food retailing is the champions league of logistics. The challenges include efficiency in distribution as well as in warehouse logistics. “Experts” have been saying for years that achieving profitability for online supermarkets is nearly impossible. This claim has been clearly refuted. We can show you how logistics can contribute to the profitability of your business.

On the supplier side, the market can be roughly divided into start-ups and incumbents. The latter include the large supermarket chains, which operate their store business profitably and not infrequently regard online business as a necessary evil or even a fad. Even the traditional large consulting firms are stuck in traditional ways of thinking in this area and are not infrequently overwhelmed with the requirements of online grocery. Efficient processes and innovative ideas have so far been implemented almost exclusively on the part of start-ups.

Thanks to years of close cooperation with start-ups in several countries, we can claim to be the European leader in knowledge about efficient e-com solutions. eGrocery is therefore a strong focus of our consulting activities.

What we can do for you

Especially for online retail with food and FMCG we help you…

  • to identify and work on key variables influencing profitability,
  • to develop intralogistics concepts that enable you to achieve high productivity,
  • get an overview of technology and solution providers,
  • identify the right technologies and solutions that you can use profitably
  • and establish key processes in your distribution centers to keep productivity high over the long term.

Profit from our knowledge and meet us for an initial consultation – whether in person or by video conference!