Widely used in the world of supplier management, practically unknown in intralogistics: Audits. We carry out professional and structured audits for you in your warehouse – or in your suppliers’ warehouses if you wish. Read more about our warehouse audits on this page.

Why Warehouse Audits Are Important

Effective warehouse management is crucial for the smooth running of your company. By regularly reviewing and analyzing your warehouse processes, you can identify potential bottlenecks, cost drivers and productivity sinks, optimize stock levels and improve the entire value chain.

Our experience shows that even a small number of carefully identified improvement measures can make a big difference to warehouse operations. Regularly identified problems include

  • unnecessarily high stock levels,
  • picking methods that do not fit the order structure,
  • inappropriate storage bin assignment, and
  • no systematic investigation of picking errors,

to name just a few.

For many companies – with online retailers leading the way – the warehouse is now a primary place of value creation. Nevertheless, many warehouses receive less attention than company cars or building maintenance. Therefore, great potential remains untapped and companies pay significantly more for their warehouse logistics than is necessary and suffer from low productivity and, as a result, a lack of employees. Warehouse audits offer the opportunity to identify and leverage significant potential for improvement with very little time and cost.

Your Benefits

The benefits of regular warehouse auditing are significant and include

  • Transparency about potential for improvement
  • Avoidance or delay of major investments in automation technology
  • Tailor-made suggestions for improvement

Take a look at your warehouse – and imagine what it could look like if you could discuss it in detail with warehouse planning and analysis experts every year or two and identify improvement measures.

Our Approach

We follow a structured approach to effectively audit your warehouses and develop customized recommendations:

  • Needs analysis: We get to know you and your warehouse in an initial meeting by video or telephone. The aim is on the one hand to understand your specific requirements and on the other hand to develop a feeling for possible focal points during the audit.
  • On-site auditing: We visit your warehouse to carry out a comprehensive audit and identify potential areas for improvement. The visit consists of extensive discussions and a tour of all relevant areas to get an impression of the warehouse.
  • Optional: Data analysis: If required, we can supplement the impressions gathered from the warehouse visit with detailed data analyses in order to make more detailed statements and provide further well-founded recommendations.
  • Tailor-made recommendations: Based on our findings, we develop individual recommendations and strategies to optimize your warehouse processes and achieve your goals. You will receive a final report a few days after the audit and we will discuss the results in a separate meeting.

The time and costs involved in auditing your warehouse are negligible compared to the expected results.

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