Once we have planned your system according to your requirements, you will want to hire the best vendor to implement it. Or we’ve helped you clearly define your requirements, and you want to give vendors free rein to play to their strengths in meeting those requirements. In both cases, it is advisable to obtain qualified offers by means of an invitation to tender. We will be happy to prepare these tenders for you and also accompany you during the bidding and selection process.

What is the Purpose of Tenders?

When you are looking for a solution to your logistics problem, there are often several ways to solve the problem, and even more possible vendors who would like to do it. Every vendor touts their solution as the best; salespeople do their utmost to win your sympathy and convince you that the solution offered is the only one that is right. The challenge: every vendor seems to have legitimate, good arguments for their solution! However, these are often so different that they are not even comparable.

This is where tenders help. Requests for proposals ensure that requirements are communicated uniformly and clearly to all providers. They set the rules of the game for bids and describe exactly what problem the solution providers are supposed to solve. You can go into as much detail as you like, but the functional tendering often is the most promising option: A functional tender describes what problems a solution should solve, and the vendors bidding on the project can play to their strengths and explain how they would prefer to solve the problem.

Preparation and Support of Tenders

We will be happy to support you in preparing tenders for warehouse logistics projects – or we can simply prepare the documents for you. In doing so, we can draw on extensive experience in the international project business, which we know very well from both sides: as the creator of the tender as well as from the side of the participants bidding on the project. That’s why we know what makes a good tender.

Once the tender has been drawn up, the bidding companies must be managed. There will be questions about system requirements, planning data, expectations for submitted documents, exceptions from the requirements…: managing the RFP can be labor intensive. And in the end, the submitted offers have to be analyzed, compared and evaluated. This requires specialist knowledge in order to look through the sales promises of the suppliers and to be able to ask specific questions about the technical features of the systems and concepts on offer. Here, too, we are happy to support you or take over the task in coordination with your responsible project manager.