Reducing Planning Risks, Improving Economics and Customer Satisfaction

Experience shows that intralogistics systems are rarely planned in a systematic manner. Knowledge of planning principles and methodology helps to avoid costly planning errors, to find suitable solutions and to correctly dimension system components in much less time. Especially large projects with strong competition among bidders and demanding material flows benefit from a coherent, consistent and time-saving planning approach.

The Concept in a Nutshell: This seminar provides a thorough introduction to the systematic planning of automated intralogistics systems. The seminar is structured along basic planning principles and enables participants to create complete solution concepts for automated warehouses, starting from a core set of data and parameters.

Contents: Terminology, solution and market overview ▪ Different types of data analysis as starting point for systems planning ▪ Productivity as optimization objective: defining, measuring, and optimizing productivity ▪ System fitting and SKU allocation to sub systems ▪ Dealing with the trade-off between optimization and flexibility ▪ Defining the planning objective and dealing with conflicting objectives ▪ The danger of working with average values ▪ Bottleneck Management in material flow systems ▪ Defining load carriers ▪ System selection: Balancing dynamic and static requirements ▪ Finding the right degree of system automation

Target Group: Sales Engineers and Sales Managers for logistics systems, Logistics Consultants, Project Managers for logistics automation projects in industry and retail, Solution Designers for logistics service providers

Language: English or German (or mixed for international groups)

Duration: 2 days

Method: Presentation, case studies, discussion

Location: Locally at your premises, alternatively online via video conference

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