Unfortunately, if you ask high-ranking managers about their company’s or department’s strategy, the likelihood of getting a relatively short answer that is often not particularly meaningful is not small. Outside the academic management literature, companies that pursue a strategy are rare; even rarer is the existence of a formulated strategy that can provide guidance in day-to-day corporate decision-making.

It seems much more like many (most?) managers don’t even know what strategy is.

At least, this is what our own experience suggests. The absence or inconsistency of strategy is not always immediately visible as a problem. As long as market conditions are good – and we have been in a very prolonged boom since the financial crisis of 2008 – market growth can often overcompensate for, and thus mask, strategic deficits. This does not mean that many companies would not be better off if they had a clear orientation.

In one or two-day workshops we accompany you on the way to strategy development. We explain the components of a good and complete strategy and help you evaluate your strategy using comprehensive scenario analysis.